Improv Workshop with Off The Line

An amazing team building activity available in English and Hungarian languages.

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What’s An Improv Workshop?

Improv is short for improvisational theatre. It’s a performance art form and group activity, in which participiants play quick and fun games. These games are easy to play, entertaining to watch and they teach us how to be more spontaneous, listen carefully and be a better team player.

Our workshop will bring your friends, family or team together. We will play group games, connect with each other and learn about improvisation. You’ll learn improv techniques and soft-skills that you can then apply in your everyday situations too.

The workshop is completely beginner friendly and no prior experience is required.

Who’s This Workshop For?

Improv is great for any occasion, where a group of people just wants to mess around and have some fun. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Team buildings
  • Corporate events
  • Camps
  • Festivals
  • Parties
  • Community events
  • School Activities
  • Training for stage performers
  • Training for improv teams

Choose Your Workshop

I offer 3 approaches to my Improv Workshop. Choose your style and I’ll tailor the games to your needs. Feel free to mix the types too.

Fun Focus

for party people
  • 🎭 Lots of group games
  • ✅ Action-packed games
  • ✅ Easy-to-remember games
  • ✅ Silly and chaotic games
  • 🔥 Less talking, more doing!

Charisma Focus

for ambitious people
  • 🎭 Group games and scenes
  • ✅ Cooperative games
  • ✅ Trust-building games
  • ✅ Confidence-boosting games
  • 📚 Learn about teamwork
  • 📚 Learn about soft-skills
  • 📚 Learn about status

Theatre Focus

for artsy people
  • 🎭 Lots of scenes
  • ✅ Character-building games
  • ✅ Story-telling games
  • ✅ World-building games
  • 📚 Learn about comedy
  • 📚 Learn about narrative
  • 📚 Learn about stage presence

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Where, When, How?

All the details are matters of arrangement. Feel free to reach out to and we’ll figure out something that fits us both. That being said, here are some general guidelines:

  • 📍 We'll travel to your location, anywhere in Hungary
  • 💬 Can be held in Hungarian or English language
  • 🏁 Can be a single session, multiple sessions or multiple days too
  • 🕘 Length: can be 120, 150 or 180 minutes.
  • 👥 Number of participants: min. 8, max. 20
  • 💰 Prices vary on your requirements (length and location)

That’s What THEY Said

Here are some of the most hearthwarming recommendations I have received. Have you seen me performing or teaching? Write me a review.

  • Gábor is a caring teacher and amazing performer! While doing improv for the first might sound scary, Gabor's human and step-by-step approach makes it appear like it really is: a funny game, as well as a path to creativity and self-growth.
  • I love Gábor! He is a fantastic improvisor. He really loves improv and it shows. He has the improvisor’s mindset of leaving your ego at the door and making others look great.
  • He is not only a great performer, but a great teacher. I've had the chance to participate in some improv classes led by him and he managed to create a great experience for a really mixed group - the introverts found their voice and the social butterflies shined even brighter under his guidance.
  • I performed with him many times and also watched him perform many times. And every time I learned so much from him as a performer and had the best time as an audience member - the sweetest fringe benefit. Improv comedy is Gábor’s passion and that passion shines through whether he is peforming, facilitating or teaching.
  • A fantastic imrpov instructor. The atmosphere in his class is great from the very first minute, as he is friendly, direct, and open with everyone. He is very talented in improvisation, it's absolutely his thing as he performs with such creativity, ease and humor that it's a pleasure to watch or participate in the games with him.
  • As a bar owner and comedy/improv lover in Copenhagen, I was happy to have Gábor over for multiple shows. His youthful enthusiasm and energy are infectuous, and are sure to give you the self esteem boost you need in both your personal and professional lives.
  • Rendkívül figyelmes és segítőkész trainer és partner a színpadon. Nagyszerűen támogatja a nála kevésbé tapasztaltakat, valamint rendszeres visszajelzéssel motivál és ösztönöz a fejlődésre.
  • I worked with Gábor When he lived in Copenhagen. He is a fun, pleasent dude. A real “YES AND” to the bone. He has my respect and warmest recomadation.

Who Am I?

My name is Gábor Pintér and I love teaching and performing comedy. Here are 4 chocolate chip cookies and 4 fun facts:

  • I've started performing comedy in 2017, at the age of 25. Since then, I've performed in Copenhagen, Oslo and Budapest too.
  • I held improv workshops for students, stand-up comedians, improv actors and corporate workers too - both in English and Hungarian.
  • I wrote a free book. It's called "Writing Your First 100 Jokes".
  • I've performed stand-up comedy and improv theatre in various places, including theatres, pubs, restaurants, festivals, cruise ships, high school gyms and also in Dumaszínház.

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Hi, I'm Gábor. I am a web developer and improv comedian. You can book my workshop, read my posts,download my free ebook, buy my not-so-free ebook or try out my app.

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