Prefund is a free personal budget manager app that helps you see where your money goes.


Why Prefund?

I’ve started working on Prefund for my own sake. I found it inconvenient to manage my finances in spreadsheets. But I also found most budgeting apps either too restricting or too complicated. I hated that they forced me to use predefined expense categories, crypto solutions or tried to sell me loans.

Prefund is a simple but effective way of organizing your expenses. It uses the Envelope Budgeting method, which forces you to plan your expenses proactively. This way, you can see how much you are going to spend on what, even before you actually spend your money.

With good habits, time will work you. With bad habits, time will work against you. - James Clear, Atomic Habits.


  • 🤑 It’s free!
  • 🎯 The Envelope Budgeting method forces you to plan proactively
  • 📎 You can add attachments to your Expenses (photos, PDFs, invoices, etc.)
  • 🚚 You can import and export your data in JSON or CSV
  • 📱 Looks good on all your devices (laptop, tablet, phone)
  • 🌐 You can access your account from any browser at
  • 🚧 iOS and Android versions are on their ways!

“Free?! Very suspicious…”

Prefund is free to use for everyone. There are no ads included in the app, and your data is never sold to any third parties.

My goal was to create a simple budgeting solution that is available for everyone. I develop Prefund in my free time for fun, and for a small application like this, the hosting fees are very low.

In the future, Prefund may offer optional premium features for a small subscription fee. These features may include syncing Bank Transactions, Collaboration and more. This way I can keep up with the increasing hosting fees that come with the increasing number of users.

However, the current set of features will always remain free. You’ll always be able to download all your Budget data and delete your account with all its data entirely.

Can I support the project?

Yes! If you would like to show me some love, you can buy me a coffee.

Ready? Start tracking your expenses today!