Writing Your First 100 Jokes

Free workbook filled with exercises, written examples, video examples, tips & tricks
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What’s this?

“Writing Your First 100 Jokes” is a workbook that walks you through the process of… well, writing your first 100 jokes. I cannot really get any more explicit than this.

The book contains exercises, that are built upon each other. They are easy to follow and fun to do. They require zero research, and they each take approx. 5-15 minutes to complete.

It also contains video links, at which you can watch me performing the example jokes on an open mic event.

  • 💪 Joke writing exercises
  • 🍷 Joke examples written by me
  • 📺 Video examples performed by me
  • 🎨 Illustrations drawn by me
  • 🎤 Tips for performing stand-up comedy
  • 📚 Available in PDF

Understanding your own personal insecurities leads to clarity. Clarity leads to confidence. Confidence leads to amazing stand-up comedy, standing ovation, money, and bitches.

Who’s this for?

Altough the book was written with stand-up comedy in mind, the techniques I show you in this book can be used for other purposes as well.

Whenever you are creating content online, writing a speech or preparing for a presentation, these exercises will teach you how to smuggle jokes into your work.

  • 🎙️ Aspiring comedians
  • ✍️ Content creators
  • 🐴 Trainers, workshop facilitators
  • 📢 Public speakers, performers
  • 🌍 Anyone, who’s interested in joke writing

Ready? Start writing jokes today!

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