Improv Comedy Cookbook

Notebook filled with the best 100 improv games to prepare fantastic shows and workshops

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What’s this?

Improv Comedy Cookbook is a notebook filled with the best 100 improv games to prepare fantastic shows and workshops. The games are sorted by difficulty (from easiest to most challenging), labelled (e.g.: “Energizing”, “Musical”, “Two-player scene” etc.) and they are divided into 3 main sections:

  1. Warmups
  2. Group games
  3. Scene games

The games are also interconnected and built upon each other. You can easily see, which exercise works the best after which exercise, and also see, how you can connect and use them in your shows.

However, this book is not only a collection of the best improv games, but it is also a notebook. There are notes sections all around the book, so you can add your own custom labels, variations and games.

Who’s this for?

This book is for everyone who wants to facilitate an improv theatre activity, workshop, training or show. The games are sorted by difficulty, therefore they are suitable for people at all ages.

What’s included?

By purchasing the product, you’ll get a beuatiful, colorful PDF version of the book. It is perfectly suitable for priting, but it also works well digitally, because:

  • The pages are linked together, so you can jump back and forth between games
  • Most games have various titles listed, so you don’t have to remember the exact names, you’ll easily find everything using text search

No questions asked refund policy

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Get the book for FREE

If you book my beginner friendly Improv Workshop (which is available all around Hungary), all workshop participants will get the digital versions of the book for absolutely FREE.