Hello friend. Welcome to one of the best websites on the Internet. I’m Gábor and I am writing this blog. Here are 10 things you need to know about me:

  1. I was born, raised, and perfected in Hungary.
  2. I am an introvert and my soul animal is Shrek.
  3. I handle it poorly when someone talks too much.
  4. I handle it poorly when someone talks too little.
  5. I don’t have hair on my calves. They shine glamorously in the sunset.
  6. I am a software engineer, but I am also fun.
  7. I do comedy. I have learned and performed stand-up comedy and improvisational theatre in Copenhagen, Oslo, and Budapest. Now I am using those learnings and skills to write about stuff that is informative, entertaining and authentic.
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  9. I want YOU to write me an email (gabor@gaborpinter.com)!
  10. I am bad at ending conversations. Okay, bye.

Blog about social skills, psychology and comedy. Educational. Revolutionary. Better than mother's milk *.

Hi, I'm Gábor. Every now and then I write something awesome. Subscribe to get them immediately, or read my previous posts. Having doubts? Come, meet me.

. * and more accessible