Hello friend. Welcome to one of the best websites on the Internet. I’m Gábor and I am writing this blog. Take these 10 chocolate chip cookies, while I introduce myself:

  • I was born and raised in Hungary. I lived 5 years in Denmark too, but currently I am located in Budapest.
  • I am an introvert and my soul animal is Shrek.
  • To overcome my shyness I started doing improv comedy. This lead to trying out stand-up comedy too. I became a sucker for comedy. As a result I wrote an ebook called "Writing Your First 100 Jokes".
  • I consider myself a generalist, not a specialist. That's what people say, when they are experts in nothing. To make something out of this wide range of interests, at the age of 30 I've decided to start writing online.
  • I write answers on Quora every single day. I am still in the process of finding my own voice and niche, but at this point I mostly write about personal growth & creativity, for example:
  • I tweet something every day. These are usually behind-the-scene insights about me not finishing my posts on time.
  • As a child I loved to draw. Then I grew up and became boring. Once however, I went to my 15-year-old elementary school reunion and one of my classmates asked, if I was still drawing, because "he remembered that I was soo good at it". This melted my heart, and after 15 years, I started drawing again. I post my drawings on Instagram.
  • Twice a month I send out a newsletter, which includes my latest blog post and some of my newest Quora answers. You can subscribe here.
  • I am building this blog for fun. If you like my work, please consider supporting me by buying me a coffee.
  • I would love to hear your feedback about my posts, ebooks, and newsletter. Throw me a message at gabor@gaborpinter.com.

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