Glad to see you here!

2014. April 13.

Hi mate, my name is Gabor, and this is my blog. In fact, it will be. Since I have some projects to get done, my time is very limited, but sooner or later my thoughts about the world will be found to read here! So stay tuned, and subscribe if you don’t want to miss the big launch! Wishing you the best: Gabor

2020 update: On this very day I’ve launched my blog and published my first post. Apparently, I didn’t really have much to say. I find it funny that in the first post I am already making excuses. Classic. Since then, the blog has gone through several changes regarding both content and design. In the very beginning I was using WordPress for example, which I have replaced with Jekyll later on. I had to import, export and sort out the posts several times, because the theme of the blog kept changing; slowly but steadily it shifted from a personal tone to a more professional direction with tutorials and guides. As you can tell from the content of this post, I didn’t really have any idea about what I was doing. I still have kept it, as it marks an important milestone in the blog’s history.

Hi, I'm Gábor

I design and develop web applications using Angular, React, Node.js, Firebase and more. Wanna work together? Say hello: gaborpinter@proton.me