Hi there, I'm Gábor. I am a web developer & improv comedian.

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Do you want to learn comedy?

Check out my workshops and products in which I teach everything I know about comedy.

Improv Workshop

Team-building activity

My workshop will bring your friends, family or team together. You’ll learn improv techniques and soft-skills that you can then apply in your everyday situations too.

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Improv Comedy Cookbook

Ready to print ebook

Improv Comedy Cookbook is a notebook filled with the best 100 improv games to prepare fantastic shows and workshops. The games are sorted by difficulty, labelled, and divided into Warmups, Group works and Scenes.

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Writing Your First 100 Jokes

Free ebook

This free ebook contains exercises, that are built upon each other. They are easy to follow and fun to do. They require zero research, and they each take approximately 5-15 minutes to complete.

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Posts about Life & Comedy

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Posts about Web Development

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