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How to get people to like you

4 minute read · 2022. October 14.

I am looking at this girl next to me. Damn, she talks much. She’s definitely the center of attention around the dinner table. She keeps talking about her job and how terrible her colleagues are. Most people just listen but some try to join in. They try to bring in their own personal examples, but...

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The Legendary Robin Williams

17 minute read · 2021. January 29.

1 Academy Award, 6 Golden Globe Awards, 4 Grammy Awards, 3 Emmy Awards and 85 nominations. 5 recorded stand-up stand-up specials and over 70 film appearances. Starred in 92 sitcom episodes. Film actor and stand-up comedian. Considered by some to be the saddest clown, by others the funniest man in...

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